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From Frumpy to Fashionista

I hurt my hip again so this morning I went to the gym to row and do some arms and abs work. I also decided to weigh myself. My clothes have been feeling a little looser so I had high hopes that the weigh-in would leave me feeling truly lighter. Instead, it showed that I now weigh more than ever before, even when I gave birth! So I went home, showered and put on an outfit I'd gotten for Christmas from my very hip sister-in-law. The scarf still had the tags on it. The camisole and sweater fit much more snugly than my usual tops, maybe because of sizing but more likely because of my newfound proportions. In any event, I can't tell you how many people at work complimented me. Maybe I should show off my fat more often.

Guest Wordless Wednesday

From my friend Louise's photos of Sunday's Tour of California: From my friend Justin's Tour of California photo album :

Tongue Tied

During this morning's run I thought of what I should give up for Lent this year. I want it to be a bad habit I need to kick anyway, something that constitutes true sacrifice and requires great restraint and commitment. It needs to change me, and for the better. And it needs to be something where I can be held accountable by my peers. I already hate chocolate and don't need candy. I'm done with Diet Coke. Chips would certainly be hard, for sure. But last time I tried that I cheated and the time before that I justified the equally bad Frito's and Cheeto's as an acceptable substitute rather than practice abstinence. No, this time it needs to be something truly transformational and involve much temptation. For 40 days, I shall not gossip.

More from the Tour

I won the Oscar Party contest last night by guessing the most winners and returned home with two movie tickets! Unfortunately, I also came home to discover I had a request from the office that I now need to do early this morning. No morning run and no time to post any more right now from the Tour of California. So, I'm sending you over to Christine's blog since she took great photos and we were together the entire time. She also makes note of another highlight of my weekend -- meeting blogger AKA Alice not once but twice! My friend Louise sent some great shots that she took from the race start that will have to go up later. Friends rule!


There's plenty more to share from this morning's final stage of the Tour of California. For now, enjoy a picture that someone took of us at the Rancho Bernardo start.

The Dow Ain't the Only Thing Down

A coworker died. A "priority mail" package never arrived. A daughter's coach lost his wife and unborn child. And I ate rancid peanut butter. Yeah, I didn't know it could go bad, either -- let alone that it would take me half a sandwich to figure it out. This weekend will be better. It has to be better. I'm driving up to Lake San Marcos to help the marathon training program early Saturday morning, then seeing a new Disney-backed musical called Peter and the Starcatchers that night in La Jolla. Immediately after my long run Sunday a.m. we're heading with friends to the start of the final day of the Tour of California . And, soon after we return, I'll be warming up my potato skins and heading to an Oscar party. This is gonna be my year to win the grand prize for picking all winners, I just know it.

Wordless Wednesday


The Houses That Intuit Built

Does this happen to you? You’re not in the best mood when you decide to try out a new route – a route that looked a lot less hilly on the computer screen and yet was so thoroughly soul-soothing that you returned home a different person than when you left. I had such a run early Saturday morning when I headed down the 56 freeway bike path and veered off course to run through a relatively new subdivision built up around the Intuit campus – apropos since this is tax season and this is where they work on Turbo Tax software. Behind the lone facility is a neighborhood of big beige and brown stucco homes, each impeccably landscaped and some located behind gates. There are three traffic lights along the main drag, which seemed to me to be two too many. But I think the developers had high hopes for more homes and more traffic and certainly more high-tech campuses based on all the giant For Sale signs and slapdash construction barriers that now stand as a testament to the Big Bust. I loved lo

An Early Present

Gordon : Go on then, run! Dennis : Isn't there some kind of like... special technique? Gordon : Well... yeah... you put one leg in front of the other over and over again really really fast. My husband surprised me yesterday by renting the DVD Run Fatboy Run , a comedy that revolves around a marathon. I thought it was hilarious! I'm off really really early this morning to row 14,000m in one session for the C2 Valentine's Day Individual Rowing Challenge . I'm not officially entering, just challenging myself with some serious cross-training before work. It should take me about 1 hour, 30 minutes to finish if I don't take a break. Oh, the Tour of California kicks off tomorrow up in Sacramento. The LA Times had an interesting piece about a dustup between Lance Armstrong and a former cyclist-turned-journalist.

Wordless Wednesday


Is This Really What Others See?

The other day I pulled up a story from the San Francisco Chronicle on ultra athletes -- runners, cyclists, swimmers -- on what motivates them to go to extreme lengths. The ultra athletes: What keeps them going? I never got to the article because I was shocked, outraged, enthralled and perplexed by the comments left by others who presumably had read it. Here's a small sampling: "I like to run too but this is extreme these people either hate their wife/husband and can’t stand their job." "Beats the time/cost of therapy I suppose. They are too busy with themselves to be depressed." " Most of this is all OCD behavior manifested in a seemingly healthy manner. The payback comes with the inevitable breakup of relationships and mental breakdown that leads to stopping completely or giving up the madness of the training regimens." There were some positive remarks, and I'm well aware that commentary, particularly when anonymous, on any article leans

Come Hail or High Water

I sacrificed a Saturday morning run to work an aid station for the San Diego Track Club's Rockin' 'n' Runnin' marathon training program. I came prepared for a downpour at the beach, and I wasn't disappointed. But we also had a rainbow and whales and beautiful scenery to keep our minds off the cold and dampness. We normally put out a lot more fluid, but we were at Mile 5 and also knew not everyone would make it to here before the 50-minute turnaround. Still, a lot more runners did come through than we expected, so we were scrambling for awhile. That's the underdressed Stephen, the Volunteer Coordinator, who reported it was mild and sunny at the other aid station. Next to him is Darrel, a track club veteran and ace aid station worker. Note the raindrops on the road. It was high tide -- and quite a contrast to last Saturday's placid waters in this same spot.

Follow-up: Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Audit

For those following the suspicious activity of Elite Racing, here's a follow-up in today's newspaper. Note the comments, too. U-T: Race Organizers to Pay for Audit

Move Away From the Chips

Earlier this week, my husband and I were sick and during a "good spell" I created a list of 25 Random Things About Me, as requested by Taryn . This is very big on Facebook, I'm told by the college intern at work. I didn't quite get through it before the next nausea attack, and when I returned to the post this morning I couldn't believe how negative it was. Seems I have some serious chips on my shoulder (well, I do have poor posture). I apparently can't stand myself or anyone else when I'm sick. I kept a few, but the rest are new. (And thank you, Taryn, for selecting me!) 25 Random Things About Me 1. I was born in upstate New York, grew up with a New England accent and then developed a lovely Southern lilt, which I kept much longer than expected in adulthood. 2. I am the oldest in an all-girl family. My husband had all sisters too. He was spoiled rotten; I wasn’t. 3. How is it everyone in California is getting IOUs from the state because it’s broke -- e

Wordless Wednesday


Where Does Our Race Money Go?

I just returned from a long run and planned to make good on my promise to respond to Taryn's meme, but then I opened the newspaper and found something far more worthy to discuss than 25 random facts about me. Seems a reporter did a little digging into the organization behind the wildly successful Rock 'n' Roll franchise, Elite Racing. The investigation raised issues about where all that money goes, particularly charitable contributions. In fairness, Elite is for-profit; it's in business to make money. The article also mentions the New York Road Runners, which I believe isn't for profit and took home a handsome $6 million extra after last year's NYC Marathon. There was an interesting thread on Daily Mile a few weeks back when someone questioned the $125 fee for this year's Chicago Marathon . I'd be curious to hear what everyone thinks of the Union-Tribune article, the rising costs of big-city road races and if you have a personal threshold for registrat