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And Already We're Off

There are typically four things that will throw off plans for an outdoor adventure: weather, family, work/travel or illness. I managed to encounter all of these soon after my last post. Weather: The morning we were scheduled to finish the five-peak challenge in Mission Trails Regional Park, it rained. A lot, by SoCal standards. These trails don't have switchbacks, which makes the descents more difficult than the climbs. I initially didn’t worry about a rain date, but since then. . .  Family: I’ve done some last-minute babysitting for my grandson that I honestly didn’t mind doing because I thought I could soon be back on the trails and then. . .  Work/Travel: I had to fly up to San Francisco, where I definitely got in a good glute workout climbing the 16 th Street Mosaic Steps (see photo). But this was a work trip and it meant long hours on less sleep and no time to even get in some early morning runs (my ferry left Larkspur, a 20-minute drive, at 6:35 a.m.). I fi