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And Then We Came to the End

  Normally this is a day I look forward to every year because it marks another milestone in this blog’s history. This time, however, I post with far more reluctance than I imagined. Eight years ago I started this blog on a Wednesday night right after the family shared a spaghetti dinner at our then-home in Scripps Ranch. I christened it Run-DMZ to marry my favorite avocation with my then vocation, which was working full time in information security. My techie friends thought the title was clever. Blogs evolve over time and this one was no exception. I shared – and overshared – far more of myself than I originally intended. But, really, those are the best posts, aren’t they? And because I was the same in the real world, strangers sometimes recognized me and some said they immediately related to me. This I consider my greatest success as a blogger. I have met both online and in person some amazing people who confided in me and who gained my own confidence, saving me unto

Wordless Wednesday Goes Dark


Prelude to a Breakdown

This photo was taken by my friend Cindy E. years ago. It was waiting for me three-quarters of the way through the El Cajon 20k, my favorite local race. I remember how good it made me feel to be surprised and to be recognized. I also remember how I just flew up that huge hill. Things have not improved since Saturday's "incident." Monday morning I worked out at the gym, per my usual routine. After a rowing session, I hit the mat to do some "PT exercises" to prevent another back injury and then headed to the locker room, where my lower back began to spasm the same way it had almost a year ago. Ironic, I know. I made it only until 1 p.m. at work. I had to make a flier for an event today and I just learned nobody took one. I have to give a 5 a.m. Webinar to students in another country and I just learned my audio isn't working. I also just learned my medical appointment to get a diagnoses, some x-rays and, I prayed, some new medications was canceled. My d

Sh*t Happens

Whatever rough morning you think you’re having, I’m about to trump it. We’re going deep into TMI territory, folks. Even seasoned search crews will wince. This morning our Saturday walk/run/hike group met up at Mule Hill Trail in Escondido for a lovely hike on a fog-shrouded path that meanders along farmland and this morning included a close(ish) encounter with a coyote so large we initially mistook it for a deer. This course is totally runnable, but I decided to just walk at a brisk pace to avoid jarring my intestines. I’d “gone” before we arrived, but I still had reservations. I walked. I talked. And I talked a lot. At no time did I feel any, let say, sensation even as we all got into our cars at the end of the hike to head to a special breakfast at the Golden Egg Omelette restaurant. Instinctively, I felt my backside before I sat down and … oh God, it wasn’t just moist with sweat. And my hand didn’t come up just wet. I gagged, grabbed a towel and began to wipe as everyone

My Birthday Gift from Axel