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Hey Mom, I'm (Gonna Be) On 91x!

My ideal Sunday morning is to hit the road at sunrise and listen, sometimes for hours, to "Resurrection Sunday" on the San Diego radio station 91x . On April 10, I'll be on the air with host Steve West for the hourlong program "Hey Mom, I'm on 91x!" Tune in to hear what cool tunes yours truly selected.

Oh yeah, about the 'DMZ'

Just occurred to me a lot of folks outside the security realm might not get the DMZ reference for this blog. In computing terms, a DMZ is short for "demilitarized zone" and represents the "neutral zone" between a company's private network and the outside public network. It essentially serves as a buffer to keep outside users from getting direct access to a server that has company data. Not only does the term apply to my profession, but it describes my pending status change. In a matter of months I'll shed my military wife skin when my husband retires from the U.S. Coast Guard. Thus, I'll be "de-militarized."

Encore! Encore!

The intention of this blog is not so much to indulge in hubris but to better inform people, even if it's only my mom and dad, about the dangers and delights of running on a scenic road or racing along the Information Superhighway. Who knows when and how often the two might intersect. Now, on to the good stuff. Last year I wrote a story for about the propensity of people to give up their passwords for a chocolate Easter egg. This year, 92% of 200 Londoners gladly gave up all the ingredients for ID theft for a chance to win theater tickets--within three minutes. Even if, like the password ploy, this was a publicity stunt to promote a security trade show, it's also yet another wake-up call that it takes little to steal someone's identity. It's possible people gave up bogus information, but these "fraudsters" were clever -- ferreting needed information from seemingly innocent questions. By the way, the security conference folks made good on