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My New Life as a Walk On

While preparing for the official launch of Anne 6.0 next month, I searched for races on launch day and found only one in my area. It looked like an ideal competition – with a 10k or 5k on relatively flat, non-technical trails. I signed up, then got others to join me.   Then almost four weeks ago, I sprained my ankle. Like, a this-is-not-going-to-heal-in-a-few-days sprain. It’s still slightly swollen and hurts when I flex it, but it’s much, much improved. I went for a 1.75-mile walk the other day – per my PT’s instructions – and it felt good. I walked around Balboa Park for a couple miles today and it now hurts like hell.   The daily RICE regimen might have been more frustrating had I not also contracted Covid from a family member, and therefore had even more reasons to remain off my feet as much as possible. It felt like a moderate flu for a few days, and I didn’t lose my senses of taste or smell. However, until this weekend my head remained congested even after testing negative. That’