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Hiking South Bay: Be Good to Your ‘Mother’

San Diegans tend to stick close to home on the weekends. Which is why driving down to South Bay to hike Mother Miguel Mountain this morning was a bit of a big deal. There just aren’t that many opportunities for a substantial hike in or around Chula Vista. And the Rock House Trail is probably the most popular and certainly best known. [Do not confuse it with nearby Mt. Miguel, which is no longer accessible.] Until yesterday, I thought we had a local guide. My friend Happy was going to join us and show us the way to get around. But an 8 a.m. plumber visit nixed that plan. That’s when I started doing some digging into where to go and how to get to the rockpile holding up two flags that mark the summit. And here’s where I was reminded to closely examine reviews before drawing assumptions. Most called the trail steep and many recommended hiking shoes and poles, particularly going back down. And everyone seemed to remark about the signage, or lack thereof. But degree of difficult