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Surfin' U.S.A.*: San Onofre State Beach

Directions seem so easy on paper. Or a smartphone app. Or a car’s navigation console. For as many times as our party of four had read the description for today’s hike, you’d think we would have gone the right way. Or at least recognized the wrong way at some point in the 3.5-mile journey. But no. That did not happen.  Ever since Deborah months ago read a blog post about a nice beach walk at San Onofre State Beach , we’d tried to schedule a Saturday morning trip. The problem was timing it with low tide and everyone's schedules. After three months of examining tide tables and calendars, today was the day. We drove about 45 minutes from our meeting spot in San Diego to the Basilone Road exit off the 5 North freeway and then worked our way first west and then south in the dark to an empty state park kiosk and parking lot. Along the way we passed a landmark every southern Californian recognizes: the decommissioned San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, better known