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Reflections on Being in Fifth Grade Again

A SDSU basketball game halftime performance by Heartlight, the intra-city dance program my nephew did last year. Hi mom was with us in the audience, just so you know things do get better with time. It’s been a year exactly since I walked into a fifth-grade class, outwardly smiling and inwardly tormented. I was there to drop off the new student, my nephew whom I would now be raising. I knew right away he did not belong here, this child who had been orphaned and who could neither read nor write. His poor speech and facial birth defects let everyone know immediately he was different. We’d arrived in San Diego just a week prior after an Oregon family court judge finally took up my petition to move back to California. That request was challenged by his birth mother, who also happens to be my youngest sister. I always thought of myself as an upstanding citizen, but that day in court I realized that my inexperience with legal proceedings handicapped me. My sister knew how to gain t