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Running Out of a Recession

If you aren’t familiar with the standard business cycle, it goes something like this: First, a company starts to turn a profit and devotes more resources to a consumer-driven economy. Smart companies expend, and expand, wisely and hold ample cash reserves for a rainy day; in other words, they keep their ambitions in check. Others just keep spending, urged on by competitors and a zeal for breaking records with little thought to how that unbridled growth will be sustained. During the next phase, everyone inhales the air of prosperity and continues to spend to keep the buzz going. But businesses are like living organisms that are always changing. At some point, something triggers the collective consciousness – a market shift, inflation, energy crisis, etc. -- and consumers start to retrench, prompting a chain-reaction economic slowdown. This eventually leads to an overall, sometimes painful contraction – sloughing off the excess that accumulated during the best of times. We know it bette

More Photos from My Fun Run

Warming up on the greenway that marks the entrance to my neighborhood. We always start with a good stretch. The speedy runners with their candy canes. Photos are courtesy of Cindy E. These and more can be found in the photo gallery at Merry Christmas to everyone who happens to be reading this blog. Right now my college kids are in the backyard sunbathing . It's sunny and 75 degrees!

My Christmas Card Lane Run

This morning we debuted my seasonally appropriate 5- to 8+-mile course through Rancho Penasquitos, which is highlighted by rolling hills, soaring views, a little freeway madness and a spirited romp through a storied neighborhood of handmade holiday “cards” displayed on almost every front yard, block upon block. The run began and ended at a greenway at the base of my street and traveled through several neighborhoods, including Christmas Card Lane . We even had wintry weather to accompany us – it was in the mid-30s, about 10 degrees cooler than usual for mornings here now (the drink canisters collected frost!). But the sun was out and soon warmed both us and our surroundings to a balmy 45. Have I mentioned that we’ve had perfect weather for all three of my runs, despite it being a pretty wet month? I have to say, I was impressed with the turnout, given this is probably one of the busiest weekends for people, between traveling and entertaining and last-minute shopping – and the fact I ten

Portland Marathon Now 'iPod-Friendly'

Interesting article on about the growing tension between runners attached to their MP3 players and race officials who increasingly are enforcing a relatively new ban on them. I suspect more races will follow Portland's lead and market themselves as friendly to runners who want, or need, their own music on the course. I was startled by a statistic (perhaps accurate, perhaps hyperbolic) that 60-70% of race fields now contain runners using music as a motivator/tool. That means the vast majority of races include runners tuned in to playlists or podcasts! iPod Conflict Brews in Racing

Two Down, One to Go

Another successful running event yesterday, the second of three in a row for me. This time I coordinated a marathon program orientation at the Harry West Gym at City College, followed by a run through and around Balboa Park. Around 70 runners total attended, maybe more. This was a prelude to the San Diego Track Club’s 2008 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon training program, with an e-mail invitation sent to all program first-timers for our first-ever Newcomers’ Orientation. The response rate was far better than I expected for this time of year. In addition, I asked the fall marathon training group to serve as run leaders and mentors to the newbies that day. Again, the response was impressive and each of them did a terrific job guiding and encouraging the newcomers when the run was underway. I kept the schedule simple, and I think we were all grateful that my original choice of venues, Balboa Stadium, was closed. The gym across the street was much warmer and the restrooms much nicer. Our coach

Catch the Spirit

Tickets are now on sale for the three-day run of Spirit of the Marathon , a documentary that chronicles a spectrum of runners all trying to finish the Chicago Marathon. I'm stoked because the movie's available at our local IMAX, which is where I'm hoping to see it in late January. Won't you join me? Complete listing of U.S. theaters here.

Wordless Wednesday


My Three Runs

By 5 Saturday morning, yet another dense cell was moving over our chilly house and I remember asking for a favor. “Oh Lord, please don’t let it rain on my run.” About two hours later, while in the restroom at the dark-cloud-surrounded Lake Miramar, I heard that familiar woosh sound approach yet again. This downpour was fortunately short-lived, allowing about a dozen of us, maybe more, to warm up and stretch sans rain and take off on a 9-mile course I created last summer . It was about 30 degrees cooler, and much, much wetter this time around, but the 48-degree temps and sudden sun were ideal, even if the mini-mudslides were not. The orange wedges and my homemade cookies went over well too. This was the first of a series of three group runs I’m coordinating this month. Next up is one that joins brand-new marathoners-in-training with alumni in Balboa Park. About 50 people in total are expected, which should make things interesting while I "warm up the crowd" and then man the

Wordless Wednesday


How 'Bout Them Hokies?!

After a quick run and not-so-quick coffee break yesterday morning with a friend, I hurredly showered and headed to the mall for holiday shopping. My husband came too, and it wasn't until a young couple passed us saying "Go Hokes" that it dawned on me that they meant Hokies and they meant us because we were both wearing Virginia Tech gear. On Saturday, this might be explained, but a day later, this was momentarily embarrassing - like we were looking for some attention, which if you saw my mussed-up hair and puffy eyes I most assuredly was not. Then again, when the computers rank your alma mater No. 1 and the humans bump it to No. 3, you can let the good tidings and questionable clothing coordination linger a little longer. [This photo by the way was taken by Case Western Reserve University students in Cleveland as a show of solidarity and support following April's massacre. I think all those warm wishes from around the world really helped the team this year. I truly d

Jesus Wash Me

One of the great things about unstructured running is quickly changing plans on a whim or an invitation. I woke early Friday morning to the foreign sound of pitter patter and discovered it was raining. I quickly threw on shorts, shirt and a cap and headed out to run in the rain, with the bonus being it was still warm – 67 degrees F. While dodging the biggest puddles, I thought of the guy that comes to our work site each Friday to detail cars. We have this great deal where you leave your car key and check (plus tip!) at the front desk and Jesus will make sure your car's shiny and clean-smelling by the end of the day. Because it rarely rains around here, cars get dusty very quickly. And in our large lot, certain car owners get gently reminded to take advantage of the mobile car service. I often wonder what people driving around Carmel Valley on Fridays must think when they pass a dirty Saturn or VW where someone’s finger-written “Jesus Wash Me” in the back window. That rainy run an