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Lonely Bathrooms and Long-Distance Runners

I’ve written numerous times about bathroom issues common among runners and probably anyone whose repetitive movements impact their  gastrointestinal organs ,  kidneys  and  bladder . Pre-exercise nutrition is a key factor; you need to make sure you eat foods and drink liquids that help prevent things like diarrhea and dehydration. But there’s another important factor that isn’t always within the runner’s control. I’m talking about restrooms. If you run or even walk long and far enough, especially if you pre-hydrate to ward off other dangers due to hot-weather workouts, then at some point you’ll need to make a pitstop. This typically isn’t an issue and may even predetermine a select route. But these are still not typical times, despite the relaxing of rules that now allow for more public interaction. Depending on where you work out outdoors, you may need to go and find a public restroom near a still-shuttered state or local park is closed. It’s also not as easy to rush into a l

The Upside and Downside of Hiking with a Guide

I’ve been thinking about why some of us use guides and others don’t when venturing into unknown territory, especially tough, multi-day hikes. A guide sets the pace, makes sure you don’t get lost and can provide local lore and points of interest you might miss on a solo trip or one with friends. They also carry first aid items and monitor members for signs of hypo- or hyperthermia, dehydration and other common medical conditions.  But you also are tethered to a team that might not have the same objectives, pace or experience levels. This can either slow you down or force you to go faster than you prepared. Your guide may be having a bad day or just be a general jerk, which casts a trip in a different light. You might get disparaging looks from others on the trail for taking up so much space. And, guided hikes cost more than do-it-yourself ones. My friend and I had a guide when we went to  South Coyote Buttes , mainly because we didn’t know how to reach it on our own and

A Resentment Unmasked

Now that more of us are out in the streets and parks (and beaches here in sunny San Diego), the rift between runners and walkers and cyclists is heating up too. No one is in a good headspace right now after months of forced quarantines, but the rudeness is really ramping up. Last Sunday I went on an hour’s walk at dawn and encountered at least 15 people exercising too.  Every runner lacked any type of face covering (as in there was nothing visible to suggest they even brought it with them) and every walker kept their noses and mouths protected. The cyclists were split, but most had a mask that they may or may not have put on when coming within six feet of someone (that would be me). Dirty looks at both offenders and the offended are easier to find than  a Wendy’s hamburger now . That good vibe we get after watching a new episode of the thoroughly uplifting  Some Good News  dissipates as soon as we head outdoors  and risk evil eyes and threatening finger gestures. This