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Diamond in the Rough (Road)

I’ve been preparing for an upcoming milestone birthday, what I call Anne 6.0. Parts of it are going well, like a new look. Other parts still have a few bugs, like my fitness level. If you read my last post , you already know this.   Since that blog entry, I’ve maintained a regular training schedule, better diet, and even started to bring down my pace per mile for a trail run on my actual birthday. I got others to sign up too. Bought new trail runners . Built up a little distance. I even planned a date night, which we haven’t done in more than a year. I’ve generally been in good spirits. Still am, despite what happened earlier today.   I was 22 minutes into a short, pre-dawn run when I fell downhill. I’d taken precautions – running on an even surface with a flashlight and staying alert, etc. But somehow my ankle rolled without warning, sending the rest of my body into freefall. Man, that road is hard. I scraped my hands, even under nailbeds, yet my head and side of my face absorbed the

Riding High and Running Low into the New Year

If I seem a little taller, it’s because I’m back on my high horse.   We’re not even through the second week of 2022 and already so much has gone wrong. Everywhere kids are home from school or daycare or afterschool programs because they’ve come in close contact with someone with Covid, or they themselves are the viral vector. Employers want to see your negative Covid test … without providing such tests. I spent a half day trying to find a store selling rapid tests since online kit orders now take weeks. PCR test results for those who have a full gas tank or half day to spend in line with  sick people  now take longer because labs are overwhelmed .   So instead of putting up with this level of disruption, I’m pulling out. I’m waiting until the current Covid surge and testing mania abates and laying low in the meantime. I preoccupy myself with figuring out how to get my training back on track. I’ve done four runs in the past 12 days; that isn’t going to get me where I need to be in eigh