Hiking Through The Elfin Forest

This morning my husband and I went for a hike in The Elfin Forest, a preserve located between Escondido and Encinitas along Harmony Grove Road. Our plan was to just do a couple of miles and call it a morning, but we ended up going longer because one of us refused to slow down or turn around, and it wasn't me. 

We weren't even a quarter of a mile in when all of the marital good will built up over Valentine's Weekend dissipated in one fell swoop. All it took was for me to land wrong on a board in the crossing above and slip into the creek. I then refused to move forward without assistance ("Will you at least take the camera in case I fall in again?!"). My husband was in no mood to witness this, let alone coach me. 

Somehow I mustered the motor skills to get to the other side with only one additional drenching, and from there we just kept moving onward and upward, my soggy shoes and socks filling in for small talk. The beauty of this place in its wintertime prime eventually helped us forge an uneasy alliance that strengthened on the dangerous downslopes. 

By the time we returned to the creek two hours later, we were cheerily addressing fellow hikers. By the time we reached our car, we were again civil to each other. And, by the end of lunch at a nearby Applebee's, we were smiling and laughing and comparing notes with our waitress, an avid hiker of those trails. 

 Hope your day is going swimmingly too.

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