Run ... For Someone Else

Just read/heard a great ditty on how we perceive our time and how those who perform a selfless act with their free time perceive those minutes or hours differently than those serving only themselves.

From the Scientific American podcast:

In another experiment one group of subjects were given a period of free time to do whatever they wanted, while another group had to do something for someone else. Those who did something selflessly perceived themselves as having more time than those with no obligations. Those subjects also reported a stronger sense of personal power and effectiveness.

Running in some ways is a very selfish act, especially if you have other people relying on you almost every hour of the day. More time is required to run a marathon or train for an Ironman. Perhaps one reason the training seems to be an imposition to some is because of how they perceive those hours.  Think of them in a different context, and perhaps the time will fly by. Well, in theory anyway.

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