A Step Up from the Usual Exercise Routine

Deborah is beating me! (And Diane's already finished.)

Every now and then I like to mix it up. I am not one for the Stairmaster, but with hiking season well underway, I needed to get in a good leg workout. So I convinced some friends to join me this morning to do repeats on the San Diego Convention Center stairs

There are 100 of them to get to a platform with stunning views of the bay, Coronado bridge and Embarcadero Park, home in the summers to the San Diego Pops outdoor concerts. Facing the other way are stunning views of downtown.

During weekday afternoons, you’ll see people going up and down the stairs doing repeats. And then you’ll see tourists giving these stair-runners a strange look. Whether you walk slowing or try to run up them, your quads and calves will be angry with you for a little while.

We went when it was cool and uncrowded, as in 6:30 a.m. If you chose to go later, bring water. You’ll need it.

View at the top of the stairs

I didn’t do as many repeats as intended, mainly because there was more to see and do in the 90 minutes we had to walk around downtown. However, I highly recommend these stairs for a good workout. I also should warn you as you go down the stairs on the bayside that the hand railings are diagonal. This creates an odd sensation as you descend because you aren’t going in a straight line. 

Coronado Bridge
Once back at sea level, you have options to run or walk along the embarcadero. I’d recommend hanging a right and heading through Seaport Village, pass the fish docks and take in the public art that changes annually. 


Next, head over to Tuna Lane, which is the small park adjacent to the USS Midway Museum. You’ve now entered an area devoted to war veterans, particularly those who served in the Pacific Fleet during World War II. There’s the replica of the Kissing Statue and just beyond that, a tribute to Bob Hope. You can hear a recording of Hope through speakers while taking in a scene of bronze statues representing an OSU show. It left quite an impression on us.

We took in some more WWII memorials surrounding the area before we headed back to the start, this time going past the convention center to the Hilton so we could cross the impressive pedestrian bridge to Petco Park. From there it was a quick four or so blocks to the edge of the Gaslamp where we’d parked for FREE until 10 a.m. in front of the Lazy Hippo on Third Avenue, where we enjoyed a post-workout breakfast.


Black Knight said…
Never done such kind of workout, I understand that it is a good training but I think I'll never do it, too tough for me. Just in case I prefer to run uphill.
It looks a beautiful and scenic place.
Until 3 years ago we had a similar replica of the Kissing Statue standing in our waterfront.
Run DMZ said…
I had no idea that statue gets around. Actually, this also is a replica. The original had to be returned but the attraction was so popular they got another one in fiberglass.

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