All That and a Bag of Chips

Our Internet connection was down yesterday morning between the time I got myself lost on my latest morning run and when we left to join our old neighbors for the annual 4th of July parade. I was still feeling really weak Saturday night and decided not to attempt the Scripps Ranch 10k, though seeing everyone emerging yesterday from Hoyt Park flush with perspiration, prizes and beer breath made me both wishful and wistful. And yet that same day I could only muster 30 minutes’ worth before I hit bottom (literally and figuratively) and began to walk (back up a huge hill to see where I went wrong).

Somehow this holiday of errands and my tasty grilled halibut dinner was closing in on evening when I realized I never posted a photo and that I was bone-tired and not up to it or even fireworks. I also decided a vitamin deficiency (and not an earlier Big Gulp-sized mimosa) was the culprit and bought a new batch of a brand-name multivitamin with extra iron and B vitamins. I’m hoping it brings me back to a better training level.

Why, you might ask? Because suddenly I have new incentive to kick ass (my own, primarily) once again. If I want to continue to top my age group during the next six months, I want to do it legitimately through action and not attrition. I want to be at the top of my game, not tanking as I currently am. I want to have my best year ever as a masters runner, job bereavement and butt injuries be damned.

Through it all, I, a solidified mid-packer, shall remain humble. However, feel free to brag that you know me.

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