This Kiss Goes Out to Meg and Steve

I had the pleasure last night of dining with some old and some new running friends, all of whom are like me and can't keep their thoughts to themselves. Meg gathered a bunch of us while Jill and her son were in town. We'd hoped to toast the Denver pair's great adventure up Mt. Whitney; however, a nearby forest fire created conditions that made the asthmatic in the group abort before reaching the summit. Plus, poor Jill has been battling a serious injury for months now. It sounds like they had a good time anyway while in California.

Meg and her husband Steve were hosts extraordinaire. They have a wonderful home and one of the nicest backyards I've seen. Now I know why Meg lists gardening among her hobbies. She's very good at it. And Steve was an excellent barbecue master, especially since we barbecued custom-made pizzas.

(By the way, everything you might have ready about their adorable dog Daisy -- completely true!)

It's always interesting to meet bloggers. I've found that in general running bloggers in the flesh match their personality in print, though occasionally I've been surprised by someone's shyness. And, of course, there's always plenty to talk about because of common interests.

There were a lot of cameras there, but none belonged to me. I drove up to Leucadia directly from work and forget to bring mine, so I'll have to rely on the others to fill you in pictorially. Check back to their blogs, if you're so inclined.

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