My Sunday Stroll With Isaac

After a week of wet misery, everyone was out today for some fresh air and Vitamin D.

I spent Sunday morning strolling along Shelter Island (photo above) and one of my favorite neighborhoods in Point Loma just beyond there. It has a secret beach that only the locals seem to know about; it also has some of the most unique homes and gardens. I walk through Roseville whenever I babysit a little tyke who lives nearby. He always saves the rare screech of displeasure for Shelter Island. I think he knows this place is special to me, which makes it special to him too.

A lot of people run through Roseville but don't really notice it because it's one of the first areas beyond the Rosecrans National Cemetery that they (literally) descend upon in the America's Finest City Half Marathon. Most people by then are wondering if they missed the first water station, given it's August and it's usually hot. Alas, you have to run 4 miles (almost a third of the way into the course) before you get offered water, in Roseville.

Here are some photos I took, though my point-and-shoot camera does not do the place justice, especially when the other hand is pushing along a jogging stroller. These strolls sometimes carry Isaac through the rest of the morning and me through an entire week. So I'm sharing a glimpse of what it's like to walk or run through Roseville on a picture-perfect San Diego Sunday. Now you can feel special too.

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