Perfect Beginning to the Weekend

A large group almost is guaranteed every time we meet to run in Coronado. It is, hands down, one of the best places to run in San Diego. It's flat. Highly scenic and not prone to extremes in weather.

This morning I ran the circumference of the "island" while a lot of people extended the run out onto the strand that connects Coronado to Imperial Beach. I ran the first three miles with some women who are faster than me, and it felt great to keep up with them. The second half I ran most of the way with a woman on the master's team and finished a few minutes ahead of her (of course, she ran the Nike Half Marathon last week and I didn't).

The sun burned through the fog just as I was coming off the bike path and into Tidelands Park where we started. Total distance was 6.6 miles and average pace per mile was a confidence-boosting 9:14. I think the computer program may have been too generous but it was definitely the fastest I've run since my injury and I'm holding on to it.

I finished out the morning with a wonderful brunch meeting at Tent City, where our planning committee unanimously voted for my suggestions for the final run of the program in December. I've got a lot of work ahead of me, but it's work I can't wait to start.

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