Well, a hip and a hop and you don't stop....

Jennifer asked in a comment to my last post about the energy drink my husband bought me to get me through an all-night proofing session.

It's called Crunk. Its taste fits the name, if you ask me, but until she asked, I hadn't bothered to find out its ingredients, let alone that it's borne from the hip hop industry. Given I'm forced to drive with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg blasting from the car on grocery trips (I ask you, Whatever happened to the shotgun calling the music shots...?), this choice of his now makes sense.

It got me wondering if there's an energy drink that is both effective and full of ingredients that don't sound so harmful. I don't drink them often (hence, they work very well when I do), but I am sure last weekend isn't the only time I'll be pulling an all-nighter for work. And I know they are popular with the ultra running crowd. Any suggestions?

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